Friday, December 31, 2010

HarGa LeLong TuPpErwAre Jan 2011!!!Mari BoroNg TuppErware!!!

Prosperity Saver with Cariolier (1) 8.7L

Retail RM86.70
Offer!! RM56.30
Special Offer!! RM50!!
*with every purchase of Tupperware Brands products worth RM300*

Golden Blossom Set
One Touch Tupper Junior with Print (8) 600ml
One Touch Canister Junior with Print (4) 1.3L
Retail RM254.40
Offer!! RM199.80
Special Offer!! RM170!!

Tall Canister (1) 10L

Retail RM69.90
Offer!! RM55.90
Special Offer!! RM50!!

One Touch Canister Large (2) 3.8L
Retail RM79.60
Offer!! RM63.70
Special Offer!! RM57!!

Fortune Gift Set
One Touch Bowl (2) 750ml
Retail RM76.60
Offer!! RM54.80
Special Offer!! RM50!!

One Touch Bowl (4) 500ml
Retail RM54.00
Offer!! RM37.80
Special Offer!! RM34!!
*with every purchase of Fortune Gift Set*

Legacy Floria Microwaveable Serving Set

Retail RM165.00
Offer!! RM132.00
Special Offer!! RM118!!

Legacy Floria Bowl (4) 600ml
Retail RM26.60
Special Offer!! RM23!!

Legacy Floria Plates (4)
Retail RM44.80
Special Offer!! RM40!!

Handy Pitcher (1) 2.3L
Retail RM51.20
Offer!! RM43.50
Special Offer!! RM40!!

Lucky Eight (8) 180ml

Retail RM62.40
Offer!! RM52.90
Special Offer!! RM47!!

*Buy both and enjoy more saving*
Lucky Set
Retail RM113.60
Offer!! RM88.80
Special Offer!! RM80!!

Fresh and Pure Ice Tray (2)
Retail RM55.20
Offer!! RM39.90
Special Offer!! RM36!!

Ice Cream Maker (6) 60ml each
Retail RM46.90
Special Offer!! RM42!!

*Buy 2 set of
Ice Cream Maker (12) and save more*
Retail RM93.80
Offer!! RM75.00
Special Offer!! RM67!!

Rectangular Water Container (1) 8.7L
Retail RM94.20
Offer!! RM75.40
Special Offer!! RM!67!

Handy Cool (2) 1L
Retail RM59.80
Offer!! RM50.80
Special Offer!! RM45!!

Modular Keeper with Grid (1) 9.4L
Retail RM86.90
Offer!! RM69.50
Special Offer!! RM62!!

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