Wednesday, July 1, 2009

KemPen JulAi--SemenTara StOk Masih Ada..

Legacy Floria Microwaveable Serving Set
Retail RM165.00
Offer!! RM145.00

1.Giant Pitcher (1) 4.2L
Retail RM64.80
Offer!! RM58

2.Legacy Floria Bread Server (1)
Retail RM35.50
Offer!! RM25

3.Large Cereal Bowl (4)
Retail RM34.80
Offer!! RM26.00

4.Elegant Round (4) 200ml
Retail RM33.60
Offer!! RM26.00

Garlic N All Keeper (1) 3L
Retail RM59.90
Offer!! RM54.00

1.Modular Mates Essential Set
Retail RM209.60
Offer!! RM188

2.Modular Mates Rectangular Set
Retail RM143.20
Offer!! RM128.00

3.Modular Mates Starter Set
Retail RM86.50
Offer!! RM77

1. Giant Canister (1) 8.6L
Retail RM59.90
Offer!! RM43

Rice Dispenser (1) 10.5kg
Retail RM288
Offer!! RM260

Season Serve (1)
Retail RM49.80
Offer!! RM45

1.Large Stor N Pour (3) 650ml

Retail RM63.00
Offer!! RM56

2.Salt N Spice Set (2) 500ml
Retail RM29.60
Offer!! RM26

3.MultiPurpose Shears (1)
Retail RM96.00
Offer!! RM86.00

4.Can Opener (1)
Retail RM78.80
Offer!! RM70

Spice Savers
Retail RM94.80
Offer!! RM68.00

Buy 2 sets of the above Spice Savers
Retail RM189.60
Offer!! RM116.00

Revolving Spice Rack
Retail RM78.80
Offer!! RM29.90-with every purchase of Spice Savers

1.Water Dispenser (1) 14.5L
Retail RM156.80
Offer!! RM140.00

2.Outdoor Cooler (1) 8.7L
Retail RM99.80
Offer!! RM90.00

3.Small Goody Box with Cariolier (4) 850ml each
Retail RM73.80
Offer!! RM66.00

4.Large Square A Way (4) 680ml
Retail RM61.60
Offer!! RM55.00

5.Goflex (2) 950ml
Retail RM69.80
Offer!! RM62.00

1.Sport Bottle (1) 750ml
Retail RM39.80
Offer!! RM35.00

2.High Handolier with Pouch (1) 1.5L
Retail RM52.90
Offer!! RM40

3.Thirstquake Tumbler with Pouch (1) 900ml
Retail RM39.20
Offer!! RM35.00

4.Thirstquake Tumbler (4) 470ml
Retail RM50.40
Offer!! RM45.00

5a.Beverage Buddy (1) 2L Margarita
Retail RM36.30
Offer!! RM32

5b.Beverage Buddy (1) 2L Cool Aqua
Retail RM36.30
Offer!! RM32

1.Quick Lunch Set
Retail RM96.60
Offer!! RM70.00

2.CrystalWave Soup Mug (2) 460ml
Retail RM38.80
Offer!! RM35.00

3.CrystalWave Divided Dish (1)
Retail RM38.70
Offer!! RM35.00

HomeBasics Collection
Retail RM210.20
Offer!! RM150.00

Small Round Saver (4) 400ml
Retail RM44.80
Offer!! RM32.00

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