Wednesday, July 29, 2009

LeLOnG Tupperware Mooncake & Hari Raya Sales 1st August ~ 22nd August 2009

With every purchase of products totalling RM200 or more:
Sante FE (3)
Retail: RM62.70
Now: RM39.90

Email me if you have any questions.

TupperClean Dish Wash (3) —-> Very good!
Retail: RM50.70
Now: RM45.60

TupperClean All Purpose Cleaner (3) —-> I love this product. Really really good!
Retail: RM62.70
Now: RM56.40

Skin Strategies All Over Body Wash - Hair & Body (For men)
Retail: RM48.00
Free Skin Strategies Scrubbing Gel Cleanser worth RM48.00 (expiring 02/2010)

Cell Block C SPF 20
Buy 1 @ RM52.00
Buy 2nd @ RM31.00

Show of Hands Instant Manicure
Retail: RM84.00
Now: RM59.00

With every purchase of RM280 (must consist of ONE BeautiControl product):
Chic Weekender Bag (no. 6)
RM34.90 nett

BeautiControl Travel Bag (no. 7)
RM16.90 nett

Jumbo Goody Box with Cariolier (1)
Retail: RM84.50
Now: RM67.60

Canister Medium (3)
Retail: RM119.40
Now: RM89.60

Counterpart II (3)
Retail: RM116.10
Now: RM92.90

Large Handy Jug (1)
Retail: RM43.90
Now: RM35.10

Madagascar II Take A Break Set
Retail: RM58.90
Now: RM50.10

Madagascar II Tumbler Set B (2)
Retail: RM34.90

FREE Madagascar II One Touch Topper Junior (2) with every purchase of Madagascar II Take A Break Set AND Madagascar II Tumbler Set B (2)

Salam Mesra Cake Gift Set (Thin Stor (1), Black Forest Delight with Cherry Topping (1), Gift Box)
Retail: RM41.70
Now: RM35.40

Handy Cool
Retail: RM59.80
Now: RM53.80

Preludio Bowl (3)
Retail: RM44.10
Now: RM32.90

Ramadhan Set (Modular Bowl, Thirstbreak Tumbler, Pouch)
Retail: RM35.00
Now: RM28.00

One Touch Canister Medium (2) - one touch is light green, scanner problem
Retail: RM67.80
Now: RM54.20

One Touch Topper Medium (4) - one touch is light green, scanner problem
Retail: RM95.60
Now: RM76.50

Kurma Gift Set (Clear Bowl (1), Kurma 350g, Gift Box) - the clear bowl is light green, scanner problem
Retail: RM51.00
Now: RM34.90
FREE Clear Bowl (1) with every 6 sets of Kurma Gift Set

With every purchase of Kurma Gift Set,
One Touch Bowl (2)
Retail: RM29.80
Now: RM19.90

Mooncake Gift Set (Mini Cake Server (2), Pearl of Harmony, White Lotus w Yolk, Gift Box) —-> mooncake taste is good
Retail: RM74.50
Now: RM56.80

Green Tea
Retail: RM36.00
Now: M30.60

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