Friday, May 1, 2009

My Hot Pink GOFLEX!

What’s a GOFLEX? It’s an awesome Tupperware product that you can flatten it when not in use AND expand this cute thing in just 4 seconds. In US it’s called FLATOUT.


I cooked mee suah (a kind of Chinese noodle) for lunch. Since there’s extra, I pack the leftover in my hot pink GOFLEX. Went to the city center with it since mee suah is a ‘light’ food. I’ll be hungry in no time.


Finished my leftover in the car not long after that. Haha!
This is the flatten GOFLEX. Cool or not?


Lovely eh? I mean the GOFLEX ya. NOT my skin. AHEM :P


Look everyone! I can even juggle it on my knee.


With its flatten size, it looks as thin as a few pieces of paper.
This is the bag that I sew 2 months ago.

If you’re interested to purchase the GOFLEX product, here’s the detail.

GOFLEX GOFLEX Set of 2, 950ml
Hot Pink & Pretty Purple
22.0cm(D) x 8.0cm(H)
Retail: RM69.80
Now: RM59.00
Perfect for packing lunch to office, storing leftovers, party, picnic, outdoor activities & so much more!

Including box & bubble wrap packing, the weight for this set is around 500~550g. Just so you can calculate the shipping cost.

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