Friday, May 1, 2009

Join Tupperware Today - Register Now!

Are you a PartyTupperware lover?

Do you want to enjoy a certain amount of discount off retail price on all Tupperware products?

If your answer is YES! and YES! then come and join Tupperware today! All you need is a Starter Kit that cost only RM60.

Started Kit consist of

1. 1 Kit Bag

2. Tupperware Business Opportunity Presentation DVD

3. Tupperware Business Opportunity of Choice Guide Books

4. FREE: Tupperware Modular Mates Oval II (1 set) + Modular Mates Round II (2 sets) [Worth RM47.10] Tsk… you get more than half your $$ back!

5. Others (order, product, membership list, calendar)

Here’s a good news. I will ship this Starter Kit to you via parcel at only RM64.00 (Peninsular Malaysia) or RM70.00 (Sabah & Sarawak) for starter kit & postage.

By becoming a Tupperware member aka consultant, you’re entitled to purchase all Tupperware products at a discounted price (except nett price item).

Tsk… if you’re interested to earn some money from Tupperware, then all you can do is to invite 2 other friends to join Tupperware. You’ll get more discount privilege and commission. But if you’re not interested, then it doesn’t matter.

Here at PartyTupperware we intend to bring Tupperware products & its sister brands like BeautiControl, NaturCare, TupperClean & TupperChef right to your door step.

Drop me a comment or email me if you’re interested to know more about Tupperware Membership.

To join Tupperware email me your information as below & I will direct you the payment information.

*Tupperware Malaysia membership is open to Malaysian only.

  • Name as in IC
  • Preferred Name on Authority Card
  • IC no.
  • Race: Malay/Chinese/Indian/Others
  • Date of Birth
  • Occupation
  • Language Preferred: Malay/English/Mandarin
  • Postal Address
  • Mobile phone/house phone/office phone

* You must purchase at least 1 Tupperware product when joining Tupperware.

You will receive member card & Inspira magazine delivered to your home from Tupperware HQ.

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