Wednesday, May 20, 2009


One Touch Set in Fresh Azure

Retail RM211.30
Offer!! RM152
Kutu + Keahlian:: RM50 x 4 Bulan
Kutu Ahli:: RM48 x 3 Bulan

** Dapatkan 'Rainbow Tots(6) 27m - RM 9.90 sahaja dgn setiap pembelian One Touch
Set in Fresh Azure

SpringFest Combi
Retail RM206.00
Offer!! RM148
Kutu + Keahlian:: RM50 x 4 Bulan
Kutu Ahli:: RM48 x 3 Bulan

Dapatkan SpringFest Round(4) 520ml dgn harga RM35 dgn
setiap pembelian SpringFest Combi

SpringFest Round(4) 520ml
Retail RM58.40
Offer!! RM35

Double Colander & Cutting Board
Retail RM89.70
Offer!! RM68

1b - Beverage Buddy(1) 2L Cool Aqua
Retail RM36.30
Offer!! RM32

1a - Beverage Buddy(1) 2L Margarita
Retail RM36.30
Offer!! RM32

** Set of 2 unit Aqua/Margarita
Offer!! RM52

2 - Thirstquake Tumbler with Pouch(1) 900ml
Retail RM39.20
Offer!! RM35

3 - Thirstbreak Tumbler(4)
Retail RM50.40
Offer!! RM45

4 - Sport Bottle(1)
Retail RM39.80
Offer!! RM35

1-Water Dispenser(1) 14.5L
Retail 156.80
Offer!! RM141

2-Outdoor Cooler 8.7L
Retail 79.80
Offer!! RM71

3-Small Goody Box with Cariolier(4) 850ml
Retail 73.80
Offer!! RM53

4-Large Square A Way
Retail 61.60
Offer!! RM55

5-GOFLEX (2) 950ml
Retail 69.80
Offer!! RM62

B2B Slice & Stor(2) 1.4L
Retail 59.80
Offer!! RM53

B2B Snack Stor(1) 2.9L
Retail 39.90
Offer!! RM28

MM Starter Set
Retail RM86.50
** Gift Box
Offer!! RM78

MM Rectangular Set
Retail RM143.20
**Gift Box & FREE! FM Small II(1) 650ml (worth RM20.70)
Offer!! RM128

MM Essential Set
Retail RM209.60
**Gift Box & FREE! FM Small I(2) 250ml (worth RM28.20)
Offer!! RM188

Garlic Keeper(1) 3L
Retail RM59.90
Offer! RM53

Fridge Water Bottle (1) 2L
Retail RM39.90
Offer! RM35

Handy Cool(2) 1L
Retail RM59.80
Offer! RM53

Rectangular Water Cointainer(1) 8.7L
Retail RM94.20
Offer! RM84

Square Round Gift Set
Retail RM169
Offer!! 152

FridgeSmart(2) 5.2L
Retail RM157.60
Offer!! 141

Modular Keeper with Grid(1) 9.4L
Retail RM86.90
Offer!! RM78

Season Serve(1)
Retail RM49.80
Offer!! RM44

1-Large Stor N Pour(3) 650ml
Retail RM49.80
Offer!! RM56

2-Salt N Spice Set(2)
Retail RM29.60
Offer!! RM26

3-MultiPurpose Shears(1)
Retail RM96
Offer!! RM73

4-Can Opener(1)
Retail RM78.80
Offer!! RM60

Legacy Floria Microwaveable Serving Set
Retail RM165.00
Offer!! RM148

1-Legacy Floria Bowls(4) 600ml
Retail RM25.60
Offer!! RM23

2-Legacy Floria Plates(4)
Retail RM44.80
Offer!! RM40

3-Giant Pitcher(1) 4.2L
Retail RM64.80
Offer!! RM58

4-Legacy Floria Tumblers(4)
Retail RM36.40
Offer!! RM32

Large CrystalWave Divided Dish
Retail 54.90

1-CrystalWave Soup Mug(2) 460ml
Retail RM38.80
Offer!! RM34

2-CrystalWave Divided Dish(1)
Retail RM38.70
Offer!! RM34

3-Reheatable Lunch Mate(1) 1.25L
Retail RM43.90
Offer! RM39

4-Reheatable Divided Lunch Box(1) 850ml
Retail 39.90
Offer! RM35

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